Edge-Welding Technology

MW Components engineering and manufacturing experts use state-of-the-art machinery and up-to-date technology to produce precise components for critical applications. One example includes the use of edge-welding technology. The versatility of edge-welding allows us to customize the shape, size, length, weight, and mounting connections of metal bellows and similar products.


Edge-welded products are manufactured using sheets of metal that are hydraulically stamped into the shape of the diaphragm and then welded together, ID to ID then OD to OD, to your specified length using plasma, laser, arc, or electron beam welding equipment to make the flexible bellows. End plates, flanges, or other required hardware are then added to each end. They can also be produced in either round or rectangular configurations.

Metal bellows produced using the edge-welding process allow for the highest stroke length, reaching 90% of its free length. This flexibility allows the bellows to expand and contract as needed. They are highly durable in extreme temperature and pressure environments and can be exposed to liquid and gaseous elements. Pressures above 1,000 PSI between the inside and outside are typically not recommended; however, if greater pressure environments are needed, customizations can be made.

MW Components uses a proprietary welding process that provides longer-lasting & more durable products than traditional methods. In-house machining & tooling ensure that we’re able to provide fast prototyping and quick turnarounds of full production runs. We also offer assembly refurbishment services, replacing damaged bellows in expensive assemblies and allowing for the re-use of machined components.

Need Bellows Assembly or Repair?

We know that metal bellows can be expensive, that's we offer bellows assembly and repair in addition to custom manufacturing of edge-welding products. Contact us for a custom quote to learn more.

Key Features

  • This process easily forms complex shapes with intricate geometries.
  • Various pressure, temperature, stroke, and dimensions available depending on the material used.
  • Edge-welding produces a longer possible stroke. Some designs can stroke as long as the free length.
  • Reduced risk of catastrophic failure in critical applications due to a high level of precision in manufacturing, creating added durability.
  • High max pressure - Certain designs can withstand up to 2,500 psi (external). We have achieved over 15,000 psi (external) with an oil-filled (internal) design.
  • Extremely high life cycle rate - Up to 1,000,000,000 cycles (Theoretical “Infinite” Life)
  • Achievable leak rate - 1x10-5 to 1x10-9 cc He/sec.


Edge-Welded Products

If you require edge-welded materials not listed here, please contact us for a custom quote.