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Micro Grommets, Rivets, & Eyelets

Micro Grommets, Micro Rivets & Micro Eyelets

MW Components is a specialty cold formed micro grommet, rivet, and eyelet manufacturer producing custom eyelets, custom grommets, or cold-headed sleeves with unusual features or with exotic materials. Some advantages of engaging with MW are that these cold headed eyelets are innately burrless, and the process is likewise exceptionally clean; there are no byproducts such as bits and pieces, and there's no waste of expensive materials.


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Micro Rivets and Eyelets

Custom Manufacturing

Custom Micro-components

Working with MW, companies can obtain a wide variety of uncommon shapes, varying wall thicknesses, and other customization. As another example, we can cold form a counterbore within a sleeve shape, providing more strength and often better dimensional accuracy than stamping, milling, machining, hobbing, or chemical etching. Cold forming is also a better choice when parts are fabricated of exotic and high-cost alloys since there is no waste.

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If you have questions regarding micro components like micro rivets, micro eyelets, micro grommets or others, talk with our experts today and let us help you figure out the best solution to your cold-forming dilemma.

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