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Electrical Contacts

MW Components locations produce electrical contacts for multiple industries including mass transit electrical systems. We offer electrical contacts in several varieties including interconnect, and bellows electrical contacts which are typically used for printed circuit boards, diodes, waveguide components, delay lines, or other applications that require one or more spring contacts to facilitate a reliable electrical connection.

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Custom Electrical Contacts

MW Components doesn't just manufacture parts. We have a team of engineering and manufacturing experts ready and able to work with your team to design and fabricate the components you require using the many tools at our disposal, including specialized equipment and software and a team of application and product experts. We even offer design, prototyping, and tooling assistance as needed. No matter where you are in the design or production process, we have the knowledge, experience, and tools you need to bring your project to life.

To send us your specs or configure a part, request a custom quote.

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Electrical Contact Assemblies

We produce electrical contact assemblies for a variety of applications, including mass transit. Our electrical contacts are available as moveable and stationary contacts and are typically use materials such as brass and phosphor bronze. Silver button and plating are also common.

Common electrical contact forms include:

  • Springs
  • Copper wire core shunts
  • Buttons
  • Brass tubes

Assemblies are often completed with brazing, soldering, and crimping, and may include pull and torque tests.

Battery and Device Timing Contacts

Battery contacts and timing contacts can be manufactured in a variety of parts, including coiled wire forms, springs, and cold formed contacts. Coiled wire forms and springs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are ideal for battery contacts where the spring force creates positive pressure to the power source. They can also facilitate complex routing in a molded housing or a circuit path through a device. Wire forms can be gold plated to improve electrical and corrosion resistance, resulting in reduced metal oxidation for improved connectivity.

Cold formed electrical contacts offer consistent, reliable quality and increased material strength along with reduced scrap. In addition, cold forming offers high yield rates with tight tolerances and is environmentally friendly. Learn more about our cold formed electrical contacts here.

Railway Electrical Contacts

Our railway electrical contacts are used in electrical transit systems and are designed to be customizable to exact required working conditions. When traditional production methods are used to create electrical transit contacts, wicking and sticking can happen, which causes electrical failures resulting in costly warranty problems.

Our specialized engineering support team can evaluate systems failures and provide support and design assistance to resolve costly issues with existing components by creating alternative products specially designed for your application environment. In this case, this means creating movable electrical contacts produced using intensive internal cycle and pull testing to ensure zero defects which in turn substantially reduced failure rates and warranty concerns.

Bellows Electrical Contacts

MW offers gold-plated electrical contacts using bellows technology. In many cases, our bellows electrical contacts are preferable to traditional contacts since they reduce signal loss and increase the signal's speed. Rather than travel along the path of a spring, the signal travels the walls of the bellows to get the maximum signal in the least amount of time.

These electrical contacts are available in both male and female configurations for applications that require pairing connections. These mated connections are self-aligning, which simplifies the assembly process. The self-aligning contacts minimize shock and vibration in dynamic applications and help overcome tolerance build-up or stacking when pairing circuit boards together. This also reduces the overall scrap cost of assembly components. Other applications may have the contact make an electrical connection with a pin or feedthrough hole.

We manufacture bellows electrical contacts with outside diameters ranging from 0.037″ to 0.125″. To enhance their conductivity, the contact springs are made from electrodeposited nickel and gold-plated to ASTM B488. These materials also offer meager DC resistance with a minimum insertion loss while operating up to 4 amps. All our bellows electrical contacts are designed to provide lifetime spring and force repeatability.

Learn more about bellows electrical contacts here.

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