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Furniture & Automotive Metal Stamping Company

Metal Stamping for Furniture, Automotive, and More

At Pontotoc Spring, we have multiple metal stamping presses from major brands including Minster, Kieserling, and Bliss. With a variety of machines, we are capable of supporting high-volume runs for several different projects at the same time. We currently produce 15-20 million metal stamping pieces annually, and have the capacity to produce many more to support your projects.

Some of our top customers are in the automotive, agricultural, furniture, and mining industries. Inventory programs are available for qualified customers.

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All Metal Stamping Products

We manufacture a wide variety of metal stamping components for different industries and are one of many trusted, high-quality automotive metal stamping companies in the United States. A few of the parts we manufacture are below, but our capabilities are expansive. If you don't see what you need, contact us. We can produce custom metal stampings to spec.

  • Articulated joints
  • Ball joints
  • Chassis stamping components
  • Drag links
  • Furniture snaps
  • Idler arms
  • Pivot arms
  • Steel buttons
  • Tie rods
  • Torque converters

Our Stamping Specialties

While we manufacture metal stampings across industries and produce a wide range of different products, our team has specific expertise in a few key types of stampings, including chassis stamping components, automotive stampings, and furniture stampings.

Chassis stamping components

Chassis Stamping Components

Chassis stamping components are used across industries as the support for an assembly. At Pontotoc Spring, we manufacture custom chassis stamping components for many different applications using a variety of materials.

Aftermarket automotive stampings parts

Automotive Stampings

Our automotive stampings come in a wide variety of styles. Just a few of the parts we produce include tie rods, drag links, idler arms, and ball joints, all of which are used in the aftermarket automotive industry. To buy our automotive stamping parts, contact us for a quote.

Stampings for furniture

Furniture Stampings

Metal stamping for furniture helps ensure the highest quality, most durable pieces. We understand the importance of stamping components in the furniture and consumer industries, and can help you get reliable, cost-effective parts for your project.

Metal stamping manufacturing tools

New and Existing Stamping Projects

We support both existing stamping products and new parts. For new parts, our team can help design and build a tool that supports both low and high volume stamping production. If you have an existing part and tool, contact us for more information. We can help you save time and money by transferring your tool to our location.

Contact us to discuss transferring your tool or starting a new project.

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At Pontotoc Spring, we're experts in producing high volume metal stampings at cost-effective rates. For details on pricing and lead time, contact us to request a metal stamping parts quotation for any of our parts or a new product.