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U Joints / Universal Joints

Universal joints (also called Ujoint, U joint, or U joint parts) are mechanical components that connect rotating shafts that meet at perpendicular angles. U joints transmit torque and motion between connecting components and are used in several applications, especially when addressing substantial angular misalignments. They are often found in food processing equipment, gearboxes, articulating mechanisms, and drives where the motor is off-center from the driven unit.

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U Joints Overview


The benefits of a flexure U joint are numerous and include choice of material and attachments, constant velocity, optimized misalignment and torque capacities, various torsional and lateral bending rates, and the ability to run in either manual or motor-driven applications.

Unlike other alternatives, with flexure U joints, you don’t have to be concerned with backlash, moving parts, maintaining lubrication, and limited angular misalignment capacity.


Custom U Joints

Many times a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t enough. That’s where we come in. MW Components specializes in the custom manufacturing of precision components for a variety of industries and end-uses.

To determine the appropriate component for your application, we analyze a variety of customization options which may include, inside and outside diameter of the flexure, coil thickness, material, number of coils, and the number of starts. By reviewing these characteristics along with your requirements for torque capacity, misalignments capabilities, and torsional and lateral bending rates, we can determine the exact component required to meet your needs.

From 5° angles to a 90° bend, we have the flexure you need.

Send us your specs or configure a part.

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