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Slideline™ Pusher Systems

Slideline™ Pusher Systems are generally used in closed retail environments like food and beverage coolers or supermarket and convenience store displays to ensure organization and visibility of the product. Tension created by springs forces new product to the front of the unit as items are removed.

Free Sample Kits

If you would like to request a free sample kit to test our pusher systems for your design or application or coordinate shipping an example of your existing trays and product for us to assist in making a recommendation, fill out our Custom Quote form and we will reach out with more information.


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Slideline Pusher Systems

Slideline™ Pusher Systems Overview

Custom Manufacturing

Custom Slideline ™ Pusher Systems

Slideline™ Pusher Systems can be customized to fit any shelf size and fixture configuration. Additionally, MW has access to a variety of materials and finishing processes to ensure that the pusher system we develop for your application suits your product’s necessary environment. Heat, cold, high-humidity—no matter the environment, we have a solution for you.

Send us your specs or configure a product.

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Reel Retrievers and Slideline Pusher Systems

Slideline ™ Pusher Systems Manufacturing

We make Sideline™ Pusher Systems in a variety of sizes and tension strengths. We even offer laser etching services which can help the end-user easily identify which spring to install in which location in a multi-unit application. Our high-speed lasers can etch alpha, numeric, bar codes, logos, and graphics on the springs during the manufacturing process.

Not sure where to start? Our highly trained staff of engineers and specialists are always on hand to assist with design, development, and manufacturing processes.

Metal component manufacturing - Precision & quality assurance


At MW, we have access to the highest quality standard and specialty materials and can customize components in a variety of ways to meet your specific needs. This includes laser etching for easy identification as well as finishes to reduce rust and extend the component’s lifecycle.

Precision component manufacturing - Banded steel coils


We produce spring ends for pusher units in several configurations. Some of the most popular requested end configurations include the below; however, customizations can be accommodated as well.


  • Small Eyelet
  • Large Eyelet
  • Round Dome
  • Loop
  • Ball
  • Crimp
  • Spring
  • Reusable & Self-Centering Magnetic

Manufacturing Services

Our POP Display materials can be manufactured with a selection of commonly requested additional services. Some examples include:


  • Engineering & Design Consulting
  • Prototyping
  • Machining
  • Laser Etching

Quality Standards & Certifications

At MW, we pride ourselves on creating quality products that meet or exceed industry standards. Not only do our facilities perform rigorous quality assurance testing to your specified ranges, but we also maintain several key certifications to ensure that only the best products are shipped to you.

View our full list of available certifications here.

Need a Large Order?

We can design and manufacture a component for your specific application in any quantity. For quantities over 1,000, please request a quote.

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