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Spring Material: MP35N

High Strength, Corrosion-Resistant Alloy

MP35N is a cobalt/nickel/chromium base alloy that is corrosion resistant and exhibits high strength, good fatigue life.

Grades / Attributes

Corrosion resistant applications involving oil and gas exploration or chemical and marine equipment. It is also used in aerospace applications where high strength and hardness levels are required and also for springs used in medical and dental products.

Spring Applications

Machined parts, spring washers, and products formed from bar stock are produced from MP35N, in addition to all forms of MP35N springs made from wire.

Material Benefits

MP35N comes in a wider array of forms than Elgiloy, which is only available in wire or strip. MP35N is available in bars, sheets and wire, offering manufacturing flexibility. It is interchangeable with Elgiloy in environments below 400°F.


For temperature requirements above 400°F, Elgiloy is a preferred choice – particularly in oil and gas applications.

MP35N Spring Manufacturing Experts

Custom MP35N Springs

MW Components' Engineered Spring Products location manufactures MP35N springs and other components for heavy-duty, mission-critical applications that require extreme environmental tolerances. We produce custom MP35N springs including:

  • Helical compression springs
  • Torsion springs
  • Extension springs
  • Flat, bow, and drag springs
  • Belleville and disc springs
  • Garter springs

With certifications including ISO 9000, Mil-I-45208A, Mil-Std-45662, API 14 A&D, and ANSI/ASME SPPE-1, MW Components brands support a variety of industries including marine, energy, oil, and gas.

We also have over a hundred engineers on staff, we provide design for manufacturability support, and can answer application-specific questions for our customers. Have a question? Ask one of our experts.

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Custom mp35n springs

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