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Sub Assembly Services Overview

Here at MW Industries, we see the big picture. You need reliable parts made to exact specifications that fit perfectly within your assemblies. That's why we offer in-house assembly and sub-assembly services. We are happy to assemble your components with coordinating parts that we make for you or even parts you already have. The process is simple. Send your existing components to one of our facilities, and we will create the sub-assemblies you require and ship them wherever you like.

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Assembly services during manufacturing

Why Choose MW for Sub Assembly Service?

MW's Servometer location assembles key parts for a precision adhesive dispenser, brazing a tungsten carbide sealing ball to a steel solenoid pin without dents, pits, or flats on the shaft surface. MW's combined facilities specialize in various forms of welding and adhesive bonding including thin-walled miniature components. Evacuated assembly, hermetic sealing, and back-fill operations routinely produce precision temperature and pressure-sensitive devices. For military and aerospace applications, our locations supply fully evacuated and sealed pressure switches for oxygen regulators.

Read below to see some of the many reasons you should consider MW for your sub-assembly needs.

  • 60+ Year History in Custom Bellows and Coupling Design
  • Engineering & Design Expertise
  • Multiple Certifications, Including ISO 9001
  • Simplified Assembly, Purchasing, and Scheduling
  • Reduced Scrap Rate
  • Reduced Assembly & Labor Costs
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Custom Applications

Some of the assemblies we create most often are listed below; however, we are happy to work with you to develop a custom assembly for your application.

  • Bellows Assemblies
  • Coupling Assemblies

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  • Adhesive Bonding
  • Electron-Beam Welding
  • Induction Brazing
  • Soldering
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Industries Served

Our capabilities and industry expertise are unmatched. We regularly produce components and assemblies for the following industries.

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