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Threaded Studs

Threaded studs are metal rods used for fastening. They come in a few thread varieties—fully threaded, which are threaded the complete length of the rod or with a stop at one end that is forced into a housing, and partially threaded. Fully threaded studs may also be slotted at one end. Threaded studs are typically used to stabilize fastening connections in applications where the opposite side of the material is not accessible.

MW Components produces stock and custom studs in a variety of sizes and configurations, including double ended threaded studs and fully threaded studs. Materials offered for our threaded studs include aluminum, brass, carbon steel, nylon, steel, and stainless steel. We also work with a variety of applications that require specialty parts for specific environments. Some examples of the specialty parts we produce, include PTFE-coated studs (B7 studs) and API studs and nuts.

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Custom Threaded Studs

We stock a variety of configurations, head sizes, thread sizes, lengths, and material and coating options. However, if you can't find the fastener or assembly that your application requires, we're happy to work with you to develop a custom solution unique to your application.

Our USA Fastener facility in Houston, TX offers roll threading (1/2" - 4"), cut threads (1/4" - 4") cut and machining OD's (1/2" - 8"), API 20E BSL 1-3 licensed and certified manufacturing, and 24-hour emergency service for problems with existing orders. We also offer JIT delivery and pride ourselves on our ability to produce and ship quickly. Our capabilities are vast, allowing us to create studs and other fasteners with uncommon diameters and lengths as well as specialty materials and finishes. Request a quote to get started on your custom order.

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Threaded Studs Manufacturing

Threaded studs are generally produced using stainless steel in standard sizes and may be slotted or have added soft-touch features. MW has access to a variety of materials and finishes and can produce studs in varying lengths and diameters. Our general production capabilities for this product category, includes roll threading (1/2" - 4"), cut threads (1/4" - 4") cut and machining OD's (1/2" - 8"), API 20E BSL 1-3 licensed and certified manufacturing, and 24-hour emergency service.

Our manufacturing facilities produce fasteners with tighter tolerances than even the industry standard. In addition to our precision machining methods and various customizations, our production turn time is unmatched by our competitors, ensuring that you get the parts you need, when and where you need them.

Related Manufacturing Services

In addition to standard engineering and manufacturing services, we offer various optional services to assist you in developing the best fastener for your application.

  • CAD Modeling
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling

Finishing Services

MW specializes in custom component manufacturing; offering our customers multiple options for secondary processes and finishes, including over 40 coating options for our stud products.

  • Coating
  • Dyeing
  • Plating
  • Passivation

Quality Materials

Our fasteners are produced from a variety of standard and specialty materials. Some examples of materials we commonly stock for this product are listed below.

  • Ally Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Copper Alloys
  • Nickle Alloys
  • Stainless Steel

Quality Standards & Certifications

At MW, we pride ourselves on creating quality products that meet or exceed industry standards. Not only do our facilities perform rigorous quality assurance testing to your specified ranges, but we also maintain several key certifications to ensure that only the best products are shipped to you.

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