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Screw Point Types

Screw point types for industrial tapping screws, thread-cutting machine screws, and thread-forming machine screws.

Tapping Screws (Type A, AB, B)

  • Type A Point

    A thread-forming screw for use in thin metal .015 to .050 thick. Used with drilled, punched, or nested holes in sheet metal, resin-impregnated plywood, and asbestos combinations, among others. Not recommended for new design.

  • Type AB Point

    A thread-forming screw combining locating point of Type A with thread size and pitch of Type B. Normal limitations of Type B apply.

  • Type B Point

    A thread forming screw for use in heavier metal .050 to .200 thick. Larger root diameter with finer thread pitch for lightand heavy sheet metal non-ferrous castings, plastics, impregnated plywoods, asbestos combinations, and other materials.

Thread Cutting Screws (Type 1, 17, 23, 25, F)

  • Type 1 Point

    A thread-cutting screw with a single flute for general use. Produces a fine standard machine screw thread for field replacement.

  • Type 17 Point

    A thread-cutting screw for wood with a coarse tapping screw thread and a special long sharp point fluted to capture chips.

  • Type 23 Point

    A thread cutting screw in the fine thread series offering maximum thread cutting area and excellent chip clearing, with minimum tightening torques.

  • Type 25 Point

    A thread-cutting screw similar to type 23 point except with coarse Type B thread. For plastics and other soft materials with large chip clearing and cutting edges.

  • Type F Point

    A thread-cutting screw with machine screw thread with blunt a tapered point, having multi-cutting edges and chip cavities. For heavy gauge sheet metal, aluminum, zinc, and lead die castings, cast iron, brass, and plastic.

Thread Forming Screws (Type C, CA, Tri-Round, Lo-Driv) & Screws for Plastic (Tri-Round, Round)

  • Type C Point

    A thread-forming screw with a coarse or fine pitch machine screw thread and blunt, tapered point. Eliminates chips and permits replacement with a standard screw in the field. Higher driving torque is required. Usable in heavy sheet metal and die castings.

  • Type CA Point

    A thread-forming screw with either coarse or fine-pitch machine screw thread. Same as Type C except with a Gimlet point. The locating point works better than Type C, where holes between two adjoining pieces of sheet metal may be somewhat misaligned.

  • Tri-Round

    A thread-forming screw is mostly coarse machine screw threads. Three vertexes perform a roll-forming process to form mating threads. It has much better thread forming than Type C or CA and drives with less torque.

  • Lo-Driv

    A thread-forming screw is mostly coarse machine screw threads. The point and body design require low end-load for starting and low drive torque for seating. The full 360-degree body above the point provides excellent strip-to-drive ratios.