Hydroforming Technology

MW Components engineering and manufacturing experts use state-of-the-art machinery and up-to-date technology-driven processes to produce precise components for critical applications. One example of our process capabilities includes hydroforming technology.


Hydroforming is a fabrication process which uses high-pressure hydraulic fluid to compress unheated metal material into the die. Several materials and secondary procedures and finishes can be used with this process to achieve your desired end-result.

Key Features
  • This process easily forms complex shapes with intricate geometries.
  • Hydroforming produces lightweight parts with greater stiffness to weight ratio.
  • Per unit, costs are lower than other forming alternatives.
  • Various pressure, temperature, stroke, and dimensions available depending on the material used.
  • Extremely high life cycle rate (Up to 1,000,000,000 cycles (Theoretical “Infinite” Life)).
  • Achievable leak rate (up to 1 x 10-9 cc He/sec @ 1 atm).


Hydroformed Products

If you require hydroformed materials not listed here, please contact us for a custom quote.