Electrodepositing Technology

MW Components engineering and manufacturing experts use state-of-the-art machinery and up-to-date technology-driven processes to produce precise components for critical applications. One example of our process capabilities includes electrodepositing technology.


Simply stated the process of electrodeposition or electroforming involves building thin layers of metal onto a precision-machined mandrel and chemically removing the mandrel. Although the technology has been around for centuries, primarily manufacturing consumer goods like CDs and jewelry, only MW Components has perfected manufacturing convoluted, dynamic bellows electroforms for more than 50 years.

Key Features
  • This process easily forms complex shapes with intricate geometries.
  • Electroformed bellows are the optimum solution for critical applications that demand complex geometries, seamless construction, and miniature sizes.
  • These precision-engineered components deliver performance, durability, repeatability, and dependability that other alternatives cannot.
  • We use our signature Cobalt-Nickel alloy, FlexNickel, which is able to meet the temperature capability and structural rigidity of metal yet retain the flexibility and weight of plastic components.
  • Available surface finishes include copper, gold, & silver.
  • Extremely small OD measurements achievable - 0.020 inches (0.5 mm)
  • Leak rate - 1 x 10-6 cc He/sec @ 1 atm standard (1 x 10-9 cc He/sec @ 1 atm possible)


Electrodeposited Products

If you require electrodeposited components not listed here, please contact us for a custom quote.