About RAF Electric Hardware

RAF Electronic Hardware is the nation’s leading supplier of electronic hardware, threaded inserts for plastic, and high-volume screw machine products. Since 1975, RAF has offered a wide range of products in both American standard and metric dimensions for immediate delivery. They also offer an extensive product line of threaded inserts for all types of plastic applications and can provide assistance with technical, application, and installation questions, as well as custom designs and insert testing.

Most electronic hardware catalog items are off-the-shelf and available for same-day shipment. RAF can also supply any customized products with small minimum orders and competitive pricing.

To learn more about our precision machining department and quick turn abilities, View Our Machining Capabilities.


Name Original Approval Certificate Expiry
ISO 9001 03/05/2020 03/04/2023
ITAR Compliant
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Industries we serve

RAF serves a variety of industries and offers a Quick Turn program that produces custom components with very short lead times.

RAF manufactures parts for several government and defense agencies. Many of these agencies require a Commercial and Government Entity Code, or CAGE Code, which identified a specific supplier and location.

RAF’s Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers is FSCM (CAGE) 55566.

Industrial manufacturing facility

Our Manufacturing Services

  • Prototyping illustration

    A prototype is a sample or model of a new part or product. Rapid prototyping is the process of swiftly creating a prototype through non-typical means, many times with 3D printing machines and software. Lucky for you, MW offers both!

  • CNC machining services

    CNC machining is a manufacturing process where computer software is used to control complex tools or machinery without the need for manual operations. Some examples of CNC machining services we offer include milling, turning, micromachining, metal stamping and forming (including fourslide technology), and wire forming and wire rolling.

  • Milling manufacturing service illustration

    Milling is accomplished using computerized controls to operate motorized cutting tools.

  • Turning manufacturing services

    The manufacturing process known as CNC turning involves feeding metal bars into a machine and applying one or several tools that gradually shape the material into the desired form. Examples of capabilities that our precision turning centers have include Swiss lathe machining, threading, tapping, cross drilling, end or side milling, and broaching.

  • Drilling - MW Components' manufacturing service

    Drilling is the process of cutting one or several holes into a material using a machine equipped with a drill bit.

  • Grinding manufacturing services

    We perform precision sharpening and CNC grinding services including electrochemical grinding in the production or finishing phase as needed for your intended application.

  • Anodizing service illustration

    This is a passivation process used to thicken the natural oxide layer on the external surface of metal components. This offers added protection for aluminum alloys, titanium, zinc, and other metals.

  • Coating services for components

    Coating is used most often to resist environmental factors like corrosion or embrittlement.

  • Heat treatments for components

    Outside of hardening and tempering, we offer a variety of other heat treatment options to ensure your desired ranges are reached for cycle-life, toughness, and resistance to environmental forces.

  • Illustration of plating process

    Plating is a manufacturing process where a thin coating is applied to a component’s surface through chemicals or electric current (electroplating).

  • Illustration of hardening and tempering processes
    Hardening & Tempering

    Hardening and tempering produce required hardness ratios in metals like steel or stainless steel to ensure desired performance. Harding, as well as case hardening, and straight hardening, involves heating the metal and then cooling it to transform its standard properties, while tempering is a process of applying low-temperature heat treatments, generally after a hardening process has been completed.

  • Assembly services during manufacturing

    Would you like to make your overall production process more efficient? We offer part assembly services with both new and existing components. Ship your coordinating parts to us, and we’ll put them together to the requirements and timeline you specify.

  • Component packaging illustration

    Do you need specialized packaging? We work with your teams to determine the best way to build and package your products to ensure efficient assembly with your existing components.

  • In-house production tooling

    Production or machine tooling is the development of a specialized production process for a new part or product.

  • MW Components offers product development as a service

    Optimize your designs to reduce cost, improve performance, and accelerate time to market.

  • MW Components - Quick turnaround service

    MW provides quick turn service to ensure that you get the products you need when and where you need them. From rapid prototyping, to next day shipping on in-stock items, we deliver with speed and efficiency.