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About Ideal Fasteners

Ideal Fasteners has been delivering quality, reliability, and service in the fastener industry for over 50 years. With a wide variety of products and a particular specialty in manufacturing custom threaded fasteners, we can produce over a million parts every day.

In addition to custom fasteners, Ideal offers over 200 million stock parts, making it possible for us to provide rapid turnaround and just-in-time (JIT) delivery for critical projects. Whether you need a last-minute custom order or a regular supply of parts, we can help.


Name Original Approval Certificate Expiry
ISO 9001 06/14/2023 06/13/2026
AS9100D 06/14/2023 06/13/2026
Nadcap: NonDestructive Testing 08/31/2022 08/31/2024
QSLM Class 2 and 3, Cage Code: 6F810 03/17/2021 03/16/2024
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Industries we serve

Ideal Fasteners supports multiple industries and has customers spanning across the US.

Our Manufacturing Services

  • Optimize your designs to reduce cost, improve performance, and accelerate time to market.

  • CNC machining is a manufacturing process where computer software is used to control complex tools or machinery without the need for manual operations. Some examples of CNC machining services we offer include milling, turning, micromachining, metal stamping and forming (including fourslide technology), and wire forming and wire rolling.

  • Coating is used most often to resist environmental factors like corrosion or embrittlement.

  • Decades of manufacturing experience and relationship building have made us industry leaders in multiple markets. If holes in your supply chain exist, lean on our wealth of knowledge to provide suggestions for possible supplier and sourcing partnerships.

  • These are general terms used to describe product testing under normal working conditions. We can work with your team to determine specified ranges for product performance and test your preferred components within those ranges.

  • MW provides quick turn service or Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery to ensure that you get the products you need when and where you need them. From rapid prototyping to next-day shipping on in-stock items, we deliver with speed and efficiency.

  • MW Components offers prototypes or sample parts for a variety of custom components including springs, fasteners, bellows, couplings, and other precision metal parts. We also offer rapid prototyping for select components, with shipping in as little as one week.

  • Cold forming or cold working refers to the process of forming metal material into its desired shape through the use of various machining processes which may include stamping, forming, four-slide or other processes.

  • Drilling

    Drilling is the process of cutting one or several holes into a material using a machine equipped with a drill bit.

  • Mag Particle / Magnafluxing

    This is an NDT process where a magnetic field is added directly or indirectly to the component and used to test certain metals like nickel, cobalt, iron, and their alloys for shallow surface inconsistencies.

  • Laser Engraving

    Laser engraving is the use of computer-aided systems which operate a high-powered laser to remove a small amount of material from an object's surface. It is generally used to add branding, make the component easier to identify, or aid in assembly with other adjacent components.