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About Capital Spring

Capital Spring employs the latest CNC coiling technology and implements new manufacturing techniques. Our dedication to delivering total custom service and employing skilled technicians allow customers to rely on us to design, prototype and supply products that meet or exceed their requirements.

With an exceptional in-house team made up of experienced design engineers and manufacturing professionals, we offer design for manufacturability services that can help optimize your component's cost, performance, and time-to-market. Whether you need help choosing a material or finding the optimal tolerances, we're here to support your needs.

Once your design is finalized, we provide full-service manufacturing, from small runs for your initial launch to large-scale production. Contact us for details.


Name Original Approval Certificate Expiry
ISO 9001 02/14/2022 02/13/2025
AS9100D 02/14/2022 02/13/2025
JCP 11/29/2016 02/15/2022
ITAR Compliant
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Industries we serve

Capital Spring caters to a wide variety of industries, offering the highest quality products and value-added services such as design consulting that help improve manufacturability and speed to market.

Our Manufacturing Services

  • MW Components offers prototypes or sample parts for a variety of custom components including springs, fasteners, bellows, couplings, and other precision metal parts. We also offer rapid prototyping for select components, with shipping in as little as one week.

  • Milling

    Milling is accomplished using computerized controls to operate motorized cutting tools.

  • MW facilities use several methods to stamp or form sheet or strip metal into a desired shape. Some examples include stamping and fourslide. Stamping uses a die and applied force to create a product, where fourslide uses multi-slide technology to bend and manipulate metal into a desired form.

  • Wire forming and rolling processes are used to bend or form cylindrical metal stock into a desired shape and length, many times using high-tech machining software.

  • We perform precision sharpening and CNC grinding services including electrochemical grinding in the production or finishing phase as needed for your intended application.

  • Coating is used most often to resist environmental factors like corrosion or embrittlement.

  • Plating

    Plating is a manufacturing process where a thin coating is applied to a component’s surface through chemicals or electric current (electroplating).

  • Shot Peening

    Shot peening refers to a process used to create a stress layer on metal parts to increase durability. In this process, small round materials or shot are used to repeatedly strike the surface of the part to increase hardness and strength. Shot can be composed of anything from ceramic or glass to metal.

  • Optimize your designs to reduce cost, improve performance, and accelerate time to market.