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Compression Springs

Capital Spring uses premier technology to manufacture compression springs from wire diameters of .007” to .625”. Compression springs are available in a range of materials and finishes, and we can supply prototypes as needed.

Our compression springs are used across industries. If you need industry-specific support, please get in touch. We can help with quality and certification needs, as well as specific requests such as For example, cross-referencing for MS springs and NATO Stock Number (NSN) for military and defense springs.

Extension Springs

Our extension springs are available in wire diameters of .008” to .625” and are used in a wide range of industries from automotive and aviation to outdoor power equipment.

All our compression springs are made-to-order, with the option for full service manufacturing for all our springs, including prototyping to production and end-of-life support.

Torsion Springs

We manufacture both single and double body torsion springs in various sizes and materials.

  • Standard torsion springs: available in wire diameters of .008” to .625”
  • Double body torsion springs: available in wire diameters ranging from .008” to .236”

Garter Springs

Garter springs are available in compression or extension formats, but have different end connections than standard springs. A compression garter springs, for example, is designed to produce a contracting force and hold components together while an extension garter spring makes an expanding force that is frequently used as a seal.

Our garter springs are common in many different industries, including aerospace, military and defense, and oil and gas. Applications may include sealing or shielding, fluid handling, gas handling, electrical connections, or motion control, among others.

Wire Forms

Used in nearly every industry, our wire form products are often made with fourslide technology that bends wire into your desired shape.

Like all products, wire forms range from simple to complex. For the best cost, time-to-market, and performance, get in touch with our engineers. We can help you optimize your design to ensure it functions according to your specifications while being as efficient as possible to manufacture.

Fourslide Parts & Small Metal Stampings

We manufacture fourslide products and small metal stampings with varying wire diameters and thicknesses. Ideal for applications in the general industrial market, consumer goods, aerospace, automotive, and more, our metal stampings are custom manufactured to your specifications.

Request a Custom Quote

Ready to get started? Request a quote for your custom part to get started. We'll get in touch with details about pricing, timelines, and any design support you need.