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Custom Manufacturing Products

Springmasters, manufactures a wide range of made-to-spec springs, machined parts, and wire forms. Our in-house team of engineers and manufacturing professionals even have the ability to provide design for manufacturability support so you get the highest performing part with the most effective cost and lead time. Contact us for a quote or get more information on our products below.

Compression Springs

We manufacture custom compression springs in a wide range of sizes for various industries. Whether you're looking for a stainless steel spring or a brass spring, we offer the raw materials and CNC turning capabilities to produce the part you need.

Contact us for more details on our capabilities, or send us your specs for a custom quote.

Extension Springs

Our extension springs offer a precise amount of force at your desired deflection. They are ideal for everything from the military and defense industries to oil rigs and consumer products. We offer a wide variety of sizes and materials as well as full support from prototype to full production. Get in touch with us to learn more about our low and high run capabilities.

Torsion Springs

Similar to compression and extension springs, our torsion springs are available in various sizes and materials. All our torsion springs are custom made to your specs via state-of-the-art CNC coiling.

Military Antenna Springs

At Springmasters, we specialize in military antenna spring manufacturing. Also sometimes known as whip antenna springs, we produce specialized springs and assemblies that stabilize and support antennas on Humvees, tanks, and other military vehicles. Some military antenna springs we manufacture include a metal tang on the end, which locks the spring in place on the vehicle and reduces the likelihood of the antenna being knocked off during use. When complete, most military antenna springs are barrel shaped with an inside diameter of about 1 inch and an outside diameter between 2-3 inches. Total spring length is usually between 4 and 6 inches.

  • Materials: 17-7 stainless steel
  • Wire size: .218 - .375, other sizes available upon request
  • Finishes: black oxide, other finishes available upon request

Military antenna springs are custom made and can be ordered in a variety of combinations, including spring only, or spring with the attached end fittings. Please contact us for details.

Auger springs from Springmasters

Auger Springs

Auger springs are typically used in screw conveyors for materials such as powders, flakes, crystals, food, chemicals, plastics, and other kinds of bulk materials. In these applications, auger springs are not compressed or extended, but work like a screw to move materials as needed.

Unlike many other spring manufacturing companies, Springmasters has the equipment to manufacture long-length auger springs up to 100 feet long from round or rectangular materials.

  • Spring lengths: up to 100 ft
  • Available materials: carbon steel, stainless steel
  • Offered in wire diameters up to 0.625


Also known as shoulder washers, bushings are a type of fastener with an prominent flange end plate attached to a shank. Bushings can be smooth or threaded, and are typically used as part of assemblies that offer support to rotating components.

Springmasters manufactures custom bushings for many different industries. Request a quote for a custom part.

Electrical Contacts

With expansive machining capabilities, Springmasters can produce a wide array of electrical contacts that can be used in circuit boards, delay lines, diodes, or other applications. Most of our electrical contacts are made for the transportation industry, with all components manufactured in-house at Springmasters, including the spring, body, base, and pin.

  • Materials: brass, phosphor bronze, stainless steel, silver
  • Bar stock: .500 inches, smaller sizes available
  • Finishes: silver plating, gold plating
  • Quality control: pull test, cycle test

Springmasters has over 40 years of experience manufacturing electrical contracts and can produce parts ranging from .500 inches to 3 inches in size. Get in touch with us for more details or a quote on your project.

Machined Parts & Assemblies

We're known for our diverse array of machined parts and assemblies. As a specialist manufacturer with over 40 years of experience, we can produce machined parts from a range of materials, for applications across many different industries. We're also known for our spring assemblies, which frequently support applications within aerospace, defense, agriculture, construction, and more.

Wire Forms

One of the broadest categories of metal components, wire forms can take on nearly any shape or size and be used in various applications from electrical contacts to clips and rings. We manufacture wire forms from 0.008 to 0.500 inch wire to your specifications.

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