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About MW Components - Greer: Springs

MW Components - Greer: Springs logo, formerly Duer Carolina Coil

Formerly Duer Carolina Coil, we began by fabricating heavy-duty springs for the railroad and mining industries in the steel belt of western Pennsylvania in 1896. Since then, our reputation for meeting exacting standards and providing exceptional support for every customer has helped us to expand to more than a dozen markets in over 20 countries.

We now offer our customers over 120 years of experience as a coil spring manufacturer along with the breadth of products and stability of a company with dozens of locations nationwide. Our state-of-the-art springs are used across the globe in some of the most demanding applications. Whether you're looking for hot or cold wound springs, our expert engineering and manufacturing team can meet your need for top quality, performance, price, and delivery.

Headquartered in a state-of-the-art facility on the dynamic I-85 corridor outside of Greenville, South Carolina, Greer: Springs is positioned to offer the highest quality springs on the market. We operate with a team of the industry’s brightest engineering minds, and we buy from only the most reputable steel suppliers. Our commitment to excellence means we invest continuously in our people, processes and machinery to be more efficient in our plant. It means we never compromise on quality. And it means integrity in our pricing.

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Industries We Serve

In addition to manufacturing springs, MW Components - Greer: Springs serves as a partner for our clients during every step of their production processes. Our team’s engineers work with our clients’ engineers to optimize function, value and style. We can assist with concept development, design specification, and prototypes.

Our unmatched focus on client satisfaction and quick turnaround times make us the obvious choice for any of your engineered spring needs.

  • We manufacture reliable, durable springs for agricultural machinery including track tensioners, tractors, tillage, and more.

  • Greer: Springs is an expert in automotive suspension coil springs, including lift springs, lowering springs, OEM replacement parts, and retrofits.

  • Whether you need heavy duty springs for material handling or shock and vibration isolation parts, we can help.

  • With over 100 years of experience, Greer: Springs has been a critical coil spring supplier for the U.S. Military for decades. Our springs offer exceptional energy absorption, maneuverability, and durability for everything from fire trucks to snow plows and all-terrain vehicles.

  • Our controlled manufacturing process ensures the durability and consistency required in the demanding environments found in mining applications.

  • At Greer: Springs, we are experts in the oil and gas industry, manufacturing custom compression springs for harsh downhole and oil rig environments, including valve and actuator coil springs that met the most stringent industry standards for harsh conditions.


We provide the highest quality products for our customers, regardless of their industries and are proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified.