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E - Tubed End Plates BellowsTech Assemblies

The E style bellows coupling is produced using edge welding and differs from other coupling styles due to its end configuration, which includes a tube-like flange end plate. E style bellows couplings are shipped as shown and rated for the axial offset indicated in the table below. They are used for vacuum internal atmosphere external applications. If different pressures are required, please let us know your requirements by filling out our online design form.

Lead Times
The typical lead time for our AM350 or 316L edge welded bellows with AA or EE ends is 2 weeks or less when purchased online. Edge-welded bellows with CF ends ship in 4 weeks or less. A combination of factors such as quantities larger than 10, larger die sizes, and larger volumes of convolutions may increase this lead time. This information is the most current available. In most cases within a couple business days of placing your order, a member of our customer service team will inform you of the exact ship date for your order.