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Telefast Industries Now Offering Expanded Capabilities

Our manufacturing capabilities have recently expanded to include customized cold-formed long and large bolts, along with screws, industrial chains, and a wide range of other fasteners featuring various head and drive styles and thread types. This enhancement enables us to offer even more tailored solutions to meet your needs. Contact us to request a quote.

Custom Cold Formed Fasteners

Telefast Industries manufactures a wide range of cold-formed internally threaded fasteners, such as flange nuts, all-metal lock nuts, jam hex nuts, square nuts, and round nuts. We also specialize in custom long and large bolts, as well as screws, industrial chains, and various other fasteners that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Standard Sizes In Stock

Custom Capabilities

Quick Turnaround

Wide Range of High-Quality Stock & Custom Fasteners

We offer standard sizes in stock and have expert custom capabilities to produce carbon and alloy steel, stainless steel, and brass fasteners. Our full range of secondary operations and coatings ensure performance and precision for your products.

The experienced engineers and technicians at Telefast Industries pride themselves in an expedited response to custom product requests. The team can develop new tooling quickly to ensure production meets your deadlines.

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Blended Sourcing Delivers the Speciality Fastener Products You Need When You Need Them

Take advantage of our blended fastener sourcing that produces global and domestic sourcing capabilities for high-volume, high-quality specialty fasteners. This diverse sourcing capability ensures you receive competitively priced fastener products to safeguard against stockouts that may result from supply chain disruptions. Our blended sourcing is supported by domestic quality control, licensed product manufacturing, and design consultation.

Distribution for Your Exacting Standards

Our bulk shipping program is sized for quarter keg and pallet box quantities, as well as automated packing for five-gallon cans. Our experienced customer service teams are ready to help with any questions or issues.

We can ship your products with custom barcode labels and packaging to correspond with your exact specifications.

For system-critical engineered fastening solutions, Telefast Industries is ready to meet and exceed your needs.