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RAF Access is now on

RAF Access has been transitioned to The new distributor portal offers an updated and enhanced experience with numerous benefits, including the ability to not only view your distributor pricing online, but also purchase directly through the portal, without the need to contact a member of our team.

Your distributor account on has already been created and associated with your distributor pricing using the same email address that you used with RAF Access.

If you have logged in to in the past, you can log in using the same credentials. If you have not logged in to your account previously, you will need to reset your password to a unique, private log in password. To reset your password, please select "Sign In" in the upper navigation, then click "Reset your password" and follow the prompts.

Log in to your new RAF distributor portal at

Buy Online - No Quote Needed

Our new distributor portal gives you the ability to purchase items online directly - without going through a member of our team for a quote or quote approval. Just log in to the new portal, find the items you need at your distributor price, and buy online immediately.

FAQs on the RAF Access Transition

Why is RAF Access transitioning to
RAF Access is transitioning to to provide customers with an updated, enhanced, and secure solution for their distribution needs. The new portal includes all the same benefits of RAF Access in the latest software, along with numerous new features, including the ability to purchase products online.

Can I still log in to RAF Access?
No. RAF Access was sunset on March 1, 2023. All distributors can log in to their new portal on

What is the login URL for the new RAF distributor portal?
You can log in to your new RAF distributor portal at

Do I need to create a new account on to access my distributor benefits?
No. Your account has already been created using the same email you used with RAF Access. Distributor pricing is already associated with your account. If you have any questions or notice any discrepancies, please email us at

Why do I need to reset my email the first time I log in to the new portal?
To maintain a secure account, every customer needs to have a strong, unique password. While we have created an account for you, you must create your own secure password the first time you log in.

How do I reset my password?
To reset your password, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to
  • Select “Sign In” in the upper navigation
  • Select “Reset your password” using the same email associated with your RAF Access account and follow the prompts

How do I log in to my account if I've logged in to in the past?
If you've already logged in to in the past, you can log in using the same email and password associated with your account. Your RAF distributor portal is linked with your MW Components website and purchase account, so you will be able to use the same login credentials.

Do I need to request my terms or tax exempt status in the new distributor portal?
No. Your terms and tax exempt status are already set up in your account. If you have any questions or notice any discrepancies, please email us at

Why do I see orders from other MW Components locations when I log in to the RAF distributor portal and view my orders?
Since MW Components is the parent company for RAF, your RAF distributor account and your MW Components account are linked. You will be able to see orders from RAF and all other MW Components locations in the same account.

Who do I contact if there's a problem with my distributor pricing?
You can contact us directly to report and concerns or discrepancies in pricing or other account details. To contact us, please email us at, call us at 203.888.2133, or use the online chat in the bottom left corner of your screen.