Offering Significantly Lighter Weight and Design Flexibility for Emerging Applications

Design engineers are constantly looking for new technologies to solve emerging challenges. One way is to create lighter-weight components that still offer the designed strength properties. Carbon composite compression springs, which are finding their way into new applications, do exactly that. They are ideal for:

  • High-value applications that need a cutting-edge solution
  • Lightweight total assemblies
  • Fast dynamic response
  • Rate and/or deflection tuning
  • Thermal insulation needs
  • Avoiding side loading on the interfacing hardware
  • Non-magnetic spring requirements

Our composite springs are all custom made to your specifications. Our engineers work with your designers to develop the best solution using the latest design approaches and materials.

Employing carbon fiber reinforced polymer as the primary material in a disc spring requires a new train of thought in both design and implementation. Learn more in our white paper.

Download the White Paper