About Century Spring

Our Century Spring Corp. (CSC) location first started manufacturing products over 94 years ago and is renowned for stocking the largest and most diverse inventory of springs in the industry.

Century’s highest priority is customer satisfaction, having received numerous customer service awards for on-time delivery, shipping accuracy, and quality control measures that are guided by ISO standards. Whether the demand is for production volumes or small prototype quantities, CSC’s stock levels and low order minimums make it simple to satisfy customer requirements quickly, without lengthy manufacturing lead times.


Name Original Approval Certificate Expiry
AS9100D 08/23/2018 08/22/2024
ISO 9001 08/23/2018 08/22/2024
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Industries we serve

Century’s knowledge of manufacturing the highest quality springs has promoted the company to expertly service such markets as aerospace, marine, medical, commercial, and dozens of others.

Flight engine - aerospace component manufacturing

Our Manufacturing Services

  • Prototyping illustration

    A prototype is a sample or model of a new part or product. Rapid prototyping is the process of swiftly creating a prototype through non-typical means, many times with 3D printing machines and software. Lucky for you, MW offers both!

  • CNC machining services

    CNC machining is a manufacturing process where computer software is used to control complex tools or machinery without the need for manual operations. Some examples of CNC machining services we offer include milling, turning, micromachining, metal stamping and forming (including fourslide technology), and wire forming and wire rolling.

  • Wire forming services

    Wire forming and rolling processes are used to bend or form cylindrical metal stock into a desired shape and length, many times using high-tech machining software.

  • Grinding manufacturing services

    We perform precision sharpening and CNC grinding services including electrochemical grinding in the production or finishing phase as needed for your intended application.

  • Heat treatments for components

    Outside of hardening and tempering, we offer a variety of other heat treatment options to ensure your desired ranges are reached for cycle-life, toughness, and resistance to environmental forces.

  • Illustration of plating process

    Plating is a manufacturing process where a thin coating is applied to a component’s surface through chemicals or electric current (electroplating).

  • Shot peening illustration
    Shot Peening

    Shot peening refers to a process used to create a stress layer on metal parts to increase durability. In this process, small round materials or shot are used to repeatedly strike the surface of the part to increase hardness and strength. Shot can be composed of anything from ceramic or glass to metal.

  • Component packaging illustration

    Do you need specialized packaging? We work with your teams to determine the best way to build and package your products to ensure efficient assembly with your existing components.

  • Cycle testing as a value added service
    Cycle Testing

    Cycle testing, or life cycle testing is a process where products are tested to ensure adequate life cycle or product lifetime under regular working conditions.

  • Mag particle and magnaflux services
    Mag Particle / Magnafluxing

    This is an NDT process where a magnetic field is added directly or indirectly to the component and used to test certain metals like nickel, cobalt, iron, and their alloys for shallow surface inconsistencies.

  • MW Components offers product development as a service

    Optimize your designs to reduce cost, improve performance, and accelerate time to market.

  • Coating services for components

    Coating is used most often to resist environmental factors like corrosion or embrittlement.

  • Non destructive testing (NDT) illustration
    Non-Destructive Testing

    NDT or Non-Destructive testing is a broader term used to describe multiple testing techniques used, particularly in technology and science, to test components or materials without damaging the testing materials.

  • Illustration showing rockwell hardness testing
    Hardness Testing

    Rockwell testing is a specific method used for testing the hardness of materials like metals and some plastics. The Rockwell scale measures penetration of the material when force is applied.