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MW Components is a trusted provider of springs and metal components for defense, military, and marine applications. Some of our products include military antenna springs, defense vehicle suspension components, fasteners, and more.

Custom machined parts - Military & defense equipment components

MW Military and Defense Manufacturing

MW has developed a reputation for manufacturing high-quality, reliable, and durable metal components for military and defense applications. We stock and manufacture fully traceable and certified NAS and MS parts. With in-house tooling, lab, and additional secondary processes, we are a one-stop-shop for military parts, including military antenna springs, military vehicle suspension components, military springs, fasteners, plastic optics, sensing components, and more.

Variable Wire Diameter Capabilities for Military Springs

We consistently invest in new technology and processes, allowing our teams to manufacture components such as variable springs that are up to 10% lighter than comparable spring designs. Variable springs also have lower solid heights, require less space, and offer better fit and function with mating parts than conventional spring designs.

Better Products from an Experienced Manufacturer

Our strong working relationships with the motorsports and heavy truck industries have allowed us to set the standard in component design. Together with our ongoing investment in engineering and production innovations, we can manufacture products that weigh less, work harder, and are more protective, all at an exceptional value.

Defense at a Glance

Years Serving Industry
ITAR Compliant
QSLM Class 2 and 3 CAGE Code Number 6Z992
TS 16949

Catalog and Custom Defense Components

Our defense products include coil suspension springs, vehicle-mounted military antenna springs, and heavy-duty springs for armored personnel carriers and MRAP vehicles. Whether your project focuses on military & defense needs or is a marine application, you can count on us for the certifications, processes, and support you need for all vehicle applications.

We're known for our ability to solve difficult problems through innovative military component designs. Our military vehicle antenna springs, for example, leverage a unique design that reduces the likelihood that the antenna will be knocked off the vehicle while in the field. We work closely with our customers to identify these types of opportunities for improved performance in order to provide a strong competitive advantage.

With the best engineers and support staff in the industry, we provide expert design assistance so you receive the military springs and components you need for mission-critical performance. From Belleville washers, disc springs, and retaining rings to metal stampings and wire forms, we manufacture precision parts to your specifications.

What We Offer

Reliable Manufacturing Services

Our technology advantage makes a world of difference in the production of military-grade springs and components. We invest in our customers and their needs, which has resulted in high-value products that give our customers a competitive advantage. Our military antenna springs are unique, with a vehicle-mounted design that helps ensure antennas don't fall or get knocked off the vehicle while in the field.

That same innovation is shown in our other products and our investment in new technology, including machines with variable wire diameter capabilities that allow us to better serve our defense customers. Contact us to see how our expertise could give your project the advantage it needs.

  • CAD Modeling
  • CNC Machining
  • Hardening & Tempering
  • Heat Treatments
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Stress Relief

Quality Materials

If you’re building a state-of-the-art armored vehicle or other defense, you can rely on our design expertise, world-class materials, and in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing process to ensure delivery of the highest quality parts.

Carbon Steel
Chrome Vanadium
Stainless Steel

We’re Your Partner for Defense and Military Vehicle Manufacturing

Our team is quick to share our knowledge of materials, processes, and manufacturing to help achieve your goals for safety, performance, and durability. With over 80 years of experience and multiple manufacturing facilities, we offer the products, services, and financial stability you require to keep your operations on track and on budget.

Custom machined parts - Military & defense equipment components

Featured Resources

Our free resources help military and defense professionals develop their skills so they can improve designs, select the best components, and improve outcomes.

Get Custom Defense Components

With the latest technology and experienced design engineers, we can help you manufacture your custom defense part quickly and cost effectively.