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From precision springs, fasteners, and metal bellows to surgical instruments and orthopedic implants, we deliver the essential components your teams require, turning design dreams into reality. And, with over 30 manufacturing locations worldwide, thousands of parts in stock, and rapid custom build-to-order, we can deliver against even the most ambitious deadlines.

Precision CNC machining - Manufacturing services

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Core Capabilities

At MW, we are experts in the field of manufacturing. As such, we offer a variety of production processes to ensure your product is formed to your exact requirements, from cold and hot forming and stamping to advanced machining and cutting services, our list of core capabilities is vast and includes industry-standard and application-specific machining techniques.


In addition to our core production methods, we offer several finishing and secondary operations which can be combined with our core manufacturing procedures to achieve your product's desired aesthetic and required performance. Some examples of the finishing services we provide are listed here.

Value Added Services

We know that machining and finishing processes aren't your only concern. That's why we also offer various optional services as an added convenience to you and your teams, saving time and hassle through services like assembly, inventory management, and prototyping, and performing additional testing to ensure our products meet your desired performance ranges.